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Note: * denotes an item discussing overseas experiences or history.

  • Open Books


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  • Open Conferences

    Proceedings of the first Australian conference on adoption, 15-20 February, 1976, University of New South Wales, edited by C Picton, Committee of the First Australian Conference on Adoption, 1976.


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    People, perspective, practices: 10th Australian Adoption Conference, Melbourne, Oct 2012.

  • Open Reports

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  • Open Journals

    The Australian Journal of Adoption,


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  • Open Journal articles

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  • Open Inquiries and reviews

    Human Rights Commission, Review of the ACT Adoption of Children Ordinance, 1965, 1986, Canberra.


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  • Open Magazine articles

    Letters from our readers: Sympathiser, The Australian Women’s Weekly, 7 September, 1955, p10.


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  • Open TV and Radio

    7.30, Adoption needs overhaul or abandoning say people adopted as children, 2015,  ABC


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    Four Corners, Child of the Single Mother, 1970, ABC


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    Four Corners, Given or Taken, 27 Feb, 2012, ABC1


    Lateline, ABC, St Vincent de Paul assisted in adoptions, broadcast on 21 March, 2013.

  • Open Websites

    Monash History of Adoption Project


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