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Department Responsible

Post Adoption Services, Department of Communities (Child Protection and Family Support)

Locked Bag 5000
WA 6959


1800 182 178 (free call)
  • Open Identifying Information

  • Open Non-identifying Information

  • Open Mandatory Interviews

    If an information veto was previously in place the applicant must attend a mandatory interview prior to the release of identifying information.

  • Open Contact Vetoes

    Contact vetoes could be lodged prior to June 2003 and these are still in effect, although no new contact vetoes can now be placed. Applicants for identifying information who have a contact veto against them must sign a legally binding agreement not to undertake contact before they can receive identifying information. Vetoes on the provision of identifying information could also be placed prior to June 2003, the effect of which ceased in January 2005. No new vetoes of this sort can be placed. Applicants with a prior information veto against them will be given identifying information following a mandatory interview.

  • Open Reunion and Information Register

    If two or more people from the adoption have registered for reunion they may be advised of this by Post Adoption Services. Under certain circumstances Post Adoption Services may be able to provide outreach to another party where that person isnt eligible to receive identifying information or under special circumstances (e.g. legal, medical or age-related grounds). Messages, photographs etc can be passed on via the register or remain on file until the intended recipient makes contact or the sender withdraws it.

  • Open Fees

    There is no cost for non-identifying information or court documents. A fee is payable to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for access to the birth certificate.

  • Open Legislation regarding access to records