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Department Responsible

Adoption Information Service, Department of Health and Human Services

PO Box 538, Hobart, TAS, 7001

03 6233 2273
03 6233 1343
  • Open Identifying Information

  • Open Non-identifying Information

  • Open Mandatory Interviews

    All applicants for adoption information must attend a mandatory counselling interview unless they have already exchanged identifying information with the other party or they are not resident in Tasmania. The interview is to discuss future steps, provide a Section 80 Certificate (proof of meeting requirements and authority to access the pre-adoptive birth certificate) and to provide information available from the record of adoption.

  • Open Contact Vetoes

    Any party to an adoption may register a contact veto via the Adoption Information Register. Applicants for identifying information who have a contact veto against them must sign a legally binding agreement not to undertake contact before they can receive identifying information. There is no expiry date for the contact veto, but the person who lodged it may remove it at any time via a request in writing.

  • Open Reunion and Information Register

    Adoption Information Services maintains a register of names, addresses and wishes regarding contact and the exchange of information. Adoption Information Services may also act as an intermediary to approach the other party. Adoptive parents can register their wishes about the exchange of information, contact with the parent and the adopted person's contact with the parent (where the adopted person is under the age of 18) and may register their wish not to be contacted.

  • Open Fees

    All fees for the Adoption Information Service and the Adoption Information Register will be waived for adoptions that occurred prior to 1988 in recognition of forced adoption practices. Fees are payable to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for access to birth certificates.

  • Open Legislation regarding access to records