South Australia

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Department Responsible

Adoption and Family Information Service (AFIS), Department for Education and Child Development

Level 7, 108 North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

08 8207 0060
08 8207 2366
  • Open Identifying Information

  • Open Support

  • Open Mandatory Interviews

    There are no mandatory interviews for applicants for adoption information in South Australia.

  • Open Contact Vetoes

    Information vetoes could be placed by adopted persons, parents and adoptive parents where the adoption took place prior to 17 August 1989. Information vetoes prevent access to identifying information, but a person with a veto against them may still receive non-identifying information. Vetoes are valid for 5 years unless cancelled, and may be extended at the end of this period. The person lodging the veto may choose whether they wish to be notified about requests made for their identifying information or if they would like to receive messages left for them by other parties.

  • Open Passive Contact Register

    The register allows for parties to an adoption to indicate whether they would like a desire for contact to be maintained on file. The desire for contact would be activated in the eventuality of an approach from the other party to the adoption.

  • Open Fees

    An administrative fee of $59.00 applies, but may be waived in certain circumstances. The fee is indexed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and may change.

  • Open Legislation regarding access to records