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Department Responsible

Adoptions Unit, Office of Children and Families

PO Box 40596, Casuarina, NT 0811

08 8922 7460
08 8945 4524
  • Open Identifying Information

  • Open Non-identifying Information

  • Open Mandatory Interviews

    Applicants are required to have mandatory counselling with an approved person prior to information being supplied to them. Where the applicant is in a remote area or overseas, the interview may be conducted by telephone. If the client lives overseas, the Adoptions Unit can ensure that they receive counselling locally if an appropriate agency exists. If the client has applied via an Aboriginal organisation such as Link-Up, counselling may be provided by that organisation.

  • Open Notice of prohibition

    If the adoption was finalised prior to 1994, parents and adopted persons may register a notice of prohibition which would prevent the release of identifying information to the other party and prohibit contact. The notice is valid for 3 years and may be reinstated on application for a further 3 years.

  • Open Contact Register

    Adopted persons, parents, adoptive parents and relatives of the above people may use the Contact Register to pass a message to other parties to the adoption and to lodge their wishes regarding contact. The register may be used to indicate whether or not the Department has permission to give current contact details to the other party should they request information

  • Open Fees

    No fees are applicable

  • Open Legislation regarding access to records