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Department Responsible

Family Information Service, ACT Adoptions and Permanent Care Unit, Community Services Directorate

6207 1335
02 6207 8888
  • Open Identifying Information

  • Open Non-identifying Information

  • Open Mandatory Interviews

    Applicants for identifying information who have a contact veto against them must attend a compulsory counselling session prior to receiving information. A contact veto that is placed after identifying information has been released to another party is not legally valid. Family Information Service will offer counselling to any party to an adoption.

  • Open Contact Vetoes

    Contact vetoes are available to any party to an adoption which took place prior to 2010. There are no contact veto provisions for adoptions since 2010. Contact vetoes may be placed for either a specified or indefinite period of time against other parties to the adoption. Identifying information may still be obtained where a contact veto is in place, provided that the applicant attends a compulsory counselling session and signs an undertaking not to make contact

  • Open Reunion and Information Register

    Adopted persons, parents, adoptive parents, adoptive relatives and birth relatives may add their names to the register to be reunited. Permission of the adoptive parents is required where the adopted person is under the age of 18.

  • Open Fees

    No fees apply to services from the Family Information Service.

  • Open Legislation regarding access to records