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I have shared but a small part of my story. My journey has been both happy and sad but I feel that we, my daughter, her adoptive family and myself have survived even though we all bear some scars. I hope all levels of government learn that helping families stay together is be a priority.
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Dark Days

I had no say in any of this, everybody else seem to know what was best. But I was having this baby I could feel her growing feel her moving inside me, and when she was gone just this emptiness was left inside me. I had no support no money no hope there was nothing that I could do about any of it.
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Adoption Loss and Reunion

The impacts of adoption loss are lifelong and the associated losses continue beyond reunion. Adoption separation brings pain and grief that is difficult to resolve even with the best counselling and support.
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Grief, shame and a beautiful daughter hidden for so long...

Adoption has impacted my life enormously. Secrecy, loss and guilt are very damaging. Involvement with the Post Adoption Resource Centre in Sydney has aided me enormously in my journey.
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The Amputation part 1

I truly believed it should be removed – my leg, that is.
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The Amputation part 2

At home, the stump bled and bled. I think I was in shock so the pain wasn’t too bad.
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