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A Better Life Part 2

We laid the foundations for our reunion by writing and phoning each other frequently over several months and answering each other’s questions candidly. At last, there was a huge relief for both of us that there was nothing to hide any more.
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A Better Life Part 3

Reunion has given me a new life – one without guilt and sorrow and the secret I endured for over fifty years. The sadness diminishes but never disappears.
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TIME IS RUNNING OUT ADOPTEES HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE Thank you to the many mothers who have been doing unpaid research for decades that is now in The National Archives for eveyone to read
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Lives Irreversibly Changed … Forever

Adoptee adults currently are treated as perpetual babies, but should have some say in their own future. The contracts made as babies without their consent, need to be able to be easily, simply and readily retracted by the now adult adoptee if they so choose – no questions asked – no fees payable.
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The loss of my child has been devastating and after accessing records it was very clear I was never going to have my baby a well oiled machine including hospital KEMH, the Child Welfare Dept and the courts were all complicit in taking my child for adoption and placing her with strangers.
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