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The impact of adoption separation in my life

There have been enormous changes in attitudes since 1970 and there is now much more acceptance of single parent families.
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Our Deep Regret - Part 1

Somehow I got to the hospital alone on a bright golden autumn morning
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Our Deep Regret - Part 2

We stop at an empty playground not far from the hospital, he and I.
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Informed Consent?

I did not make an informed decision for the adoption of my baby; this has meant life- long grief which increases with each passing year.
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The Illegal Practices of Adoption and Their Lifelong Consequences for Mother and Child

In 1966, I found myself pregnant and abandoned by my fiancée. I was sent to St Mary’s Unmarried Mothers’ Home, Toowong, Brisbane.
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Adoption Destroyed My Life

In October 1968, my son was born at the Brisbane Royal Women’s Hospital at 1.15pm weighing 7lb11oz. I was tied to my bed and held down by nurses during delivery.
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