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Hearing my baby boy cry

I always wanted to keep my baby – I did not want him to be adopted out, I wish I had been told my rights as a mother, I would not have done it.
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Adoption loss, reunion, and beyond

My experience of forced adoption was that it was insidious and came in many guises – beware; history has a not so funny way of repeating itself.
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I had my baby 27 days after my 17th birthday

I had my baby 27 days after my 17th birthday in 1974, my boyfriend didn’t see a baby in his plans.
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Heart rending loss

I was so young. 15 years and 9 months.
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Giving birth

I was dropped at the hospital by my sister after being in labour all night on my own not wanting to wake anyone.
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The birth and adoption of my son

There have been enormous changes in attitudes since 1970 and there is now much more acceptance of single parent families.
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