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Disturbing adoption

This satirical appraisal of the impact of adoption separation draws upon the apt prefix dis-, which means ‘lack of’, ‘not’, or ‘apart’ … read on.
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Blind prejudice

In some relationships the partner of the mother or father whose child was earlier separated from them by adoption feels threatened by the past event and its continuing impact. The absence of understanding by the partner may affect all members of the family of origin.
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A fathers perspective

Nothing further until last year, when I learned that I was blessed with a 53 year old daughter. I had been married for 50 years and had two sons and five grandchildren.
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Unknown father on birth certificate

I would love to meet my father if he is out there as I feel there is a big empty hole in my heart and a missing piece of the puzzle of my life
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Mother andaAdoptee

Adopted person I’m the mother of children lost to Forced Adoption I’m the sister of a brother who was adopted into another family, we found each other when records were released. He did not know he was adopted he was 40 years of age. I’m the sister of another brother who did not know I existed.
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