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Wife of husband who was adopted

I have written a song to summarise my mother-in-law's lyrics for my husband. Although I am unsure if her adoption experience was forced, there was an element of supervision from the church during her experience.
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A brother found us

My older sister rang me out of the blue to say someone had contacted her, that our Dad had another son, younger than me. What a bombshell. I am the youngest of 6 and my died 18 months later. She had met him. Do you reckon it's true? I asked.
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Deceived, Abandoned and Shamed.

Adoption has a long lasting effect on families. We have enormous guilt for not knowing the circumstances of my grandmother. She died in poverty due to the long lasting consequences of the trauma of her experiences during her pregnancy and confinement all those decades ago. She will never know our
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Deceived, Abandoned and Shamed, Part 2

The selfish man who turned his back on my grandmother and my father when they were at their most vulnerable and alone will never, ever be regarded as part of our family. Future generations will know his name and what he did.
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My mother got me back at 4mths old. I was a very quiet baby, but had behavioural & learning problems in childhood. They never undid their programming on Mum & I copped the brunt of her anxiety, sadness & her harrowing story repeatedly as I grew up. I was made to feel bad and at fault.
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Lives Irreversibly Changed … Forever

Adoptee adults currently are treated as perpetual babies, but should have some say in their own future. The contracts made as babies without their consent, need to be able to be easily, simply and readily retracted by the now adult adoptee if they so choose – no questions asked – no fees payable.
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