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You search for the face of your precious baby

Forever you live with a hole bored through your heart and soul; you search for the face of your precious baby in the face of others every day of your life; you silently weep on her birthday, Christmas - any time when the waves crash..... Time does NOT heal these wounds.
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I've been so fortunate to have experienced this incredible journey
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The journey continues

This great journey is a work in progress
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Yesterday my life changed forever.

Yesterday I found out that I have another older sister. Mum's first baby was taken from her for the sin of being unwed. Today I looked back at a family photo. What was my family now misses an extra blonde head poking up from behind us...
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My mother was adopted back in 1941

It's all very precise though and doesn't go into how much heartbreak and anguish that surely would have been felt by my grandmother, mother and other family members that had to deal with the 'giving up' of these babies."
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Married to victim of forced adoption (mother)

Wide publicity and exposure of the difficulties faced by victims of forced adoptions, including their subsequent families, spouses and children, will assist them to reconcile and proactively tackle problems they continue to experience.
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