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In 1950, at age 20, my mother was taken to 'The Haven'

In 1950, at age 20, my mother was taken to 'The Haven', North Fitzroy, Victoria – an institution that was run by the Salvation Army.
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Mum and the other 'inmates' were constantly shamed and told that if they truly loved their baby, they would not keep them.
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Helen Joy

On the last night, Mum didn't go to bed. She held her baby, which she had named Helen Joy (later named Heather Margaret), the whole night.
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Mum was told she must never speak of this 'event' in her life
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Sadly, she never recovered from the shame

My beautiful Mum died in January, 2011. She was the most gentle, sensitive, kind person you could ever meet.
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bundle of joy

No one ever told my mother there was a Commonwealth benefit she could have received to support Helen and herself.
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