Adopted people

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Behind Closed Doors part 1

Being adopted in 1952, I find the 50’s of particular interest. Archival records indicate that the Secretary of Victoria’s Child Welfare Department was preparing a memorandum to combat baby trafficking at that time.
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Behind Closed Doors part 2

The amendment finally introduced in 1954 was a major change in that a person who needed to consent to the adoption could revoke the consent within 30 days of giving such consent.
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Amendments part 1

The second major concern for the Secretary of Victoria’s Child Welfare Department was with adopting agencies’ accountability.
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Amendments part 2

Other 50’s problems were issues surrounding inheritance: possible incest because of secrecy; consent under undue pressure; adopting couples suitability standards; and that adoptions could be heard in the Court of Petty Sessions rather higher Courts.
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Issues part 1

As the 50’s came to a close there appeared to be seven emerging issues.
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Issues part 2

Many of these issues were addressed by a Model Bill canvassed in 1963 in all States in an attempt to reach uniformity, and it was to be the reforming zeal of Victoria in the 50’s that was to lead to far reaching changes when the new Act was proclaimed in 1966.
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