Adopted people

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Adoption Story part 4

I consider myself lucky to have met my real dad.
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Adoption Story part 5

The only way I can explain adoption is to say that before I ever had the chance to grow, I was transplanted to a place where I wasn’t capable of growing.
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Doctor Wants Women

My mother’s consulting doctor, an American born in 1882 with skilled networking techniques, began his medical career after arriving in Australia in August 1908, aged 24.
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The Times

Compassion didn’t suit a 1950’s capitalistic, conservative society that demanded a manageable, commercially productive population.
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Sanctimonious Deception

By the 1950’s post-war Europe had abandoned exporting their next generation. But Australia’s demand for babies to adopt continued unabated...
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'I am not a liar. I just enjoy inventing romantic and elaborate alternatives as to what actually happens and pretending that these scenarios are true' Telling Little Lies Life Matters, ABC Radio, Jan. 2014
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