Adopted people

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No one wanted you then and no one wants you now.

I don't really have a personal statement. I hope this experience helps me find my father.
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Late Discovery Adoptee

After discovering I was adopted in my 30s, I met my natural family. It was amazing to meet them, but definitely a difficult experience to assimilate that into your life as a Late Discovery.
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Resolution to 'infertility' was resolved by 1972, experimenting on the prepubertal and infertile. ‘Adoption' numbers plummeted.

By 1972, the 'hormone experiments' had resolved infertility, 'adoption' numbers were to plummet. By 1985, the 'fertilty program' worldwide, except France, ceased due to deaths. Vulnerable people were treated as 'human guinea pigs' causing irreparable damages.
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Journey to a failed reunion part 1

In the summer of 1988 I started getting what information there was in relation to my birth.
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Journey to a failed reunion part 2

In about 1957 a male member of the family appeared and I checked the telephone book and found a person of that name was living in St Helen's.
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A voice from the grave

Part of my mother Aileen’s diary was given to me.
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