Adopted people

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All the branches fell off my family tree!

Being a Historian by profession, I Iwas able to track down my original birth certificate (being aghast that what I thought was my birth certificate, in fact, was a 'bodgied' but legal version with my adopted parents shown as real! 4 years later I have found families on both sides.
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Adoption is a psychological barrier

To deny someone’s truth is to impose your reality onto them. Therefore I see this as not being the problem of the adoptee but the problem of the family member to firstly not understand the full gamut of the situation.
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Family of four adopted children

My plan is to pursue this matter & become an advocate for the cause of forced adoption & abuse. Better understanding, adequate, appropiate and on-going support and services are paramount.
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The person I needed the most in life ...

I did not create this situation and yet I experience the consequences of it every day of my life.
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Lives Irreversibly Changed … Forever

Adoptee adults currently are treated as perpetual babies, but should have some say in their own future. The contracts made as babies without their consent, need to be able to be easily, simply and readily retracted by the now adult adoptee if they so choose – no questions asked – no fees payable.
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