Adopted people

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Too Much the Pain

Secrets breed a well worth path Creating walls of scorn to even ask The silence traps an innocent heart Till the hidden pain and sorrow tore us apart
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More Painful Secrets

In 1987, I had two small children of my own and had known my natural mother for seven years.
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A Licence to Lie

My abuse started with the lie that my mother didn’t want me
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I don’t know who I am – I am a secret.

Unless you have experienced it, you cannot understand what it is like to not know who you are and be someone else’s secret.
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Discovering my adoption

Had my adopted parents cared to tell me anything about my real mother I would have known that the bus stop where I caught the bus home from school every day for many years, I later found that my mother lived in a house right next to the bus stop.
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Discovery of adoption

In many ways my adoption experience is one where many of those affected have created much more emotional and psychological damage than the initial discovery has.
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