Adopted people

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Five people, Six pieces of bread

We are all at different periods in our existence looking to make a deal with time.
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Separation Trauma

I was born in 1962 at the Royal Women's and Children's Hospital in Brisbane.
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My Adoption part 1

My adoption took place under the Adoption of Children’s Acts 1935 to 1952.
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My Adoption part 2

I was adopted at a few weeks of age, before the 30 day waiting period had expired for my mother to change her mind.
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The Charcoal Pits

When I was about five years old, my adoptive father decided to use his adopted children to make more money.
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Finding My Mother

At 18 years old I married my childhood sweetheart. On the morning of my wedding my adoptive mother did a very strange thing: she gave me my adoption papers.
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