You don't know what you don't know.

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Being part of a genetic family you absorb your family medical without you even realising you are doing it. I know more about my adoptive family's health issues than my own genetic family.

This year I have spent time in hospital after being given a drug I reacted violently to. I reunited with my birth mother and her children in 1970 but had no idea that this same drug had put all four of us in hospital. As there were other drugs available for the condition I would have been much more hesitant to take the drug if I had known.

Next weekend I was supposed to spend time with my father's daughters. Unfortunately one of my sisters had a breast removed today, and my other sister, who has been through the breast cancer nightmare, will care for her.

Unfortunately my sisters haven't told their mum that they have been meeting with me as she was against it, so I have to keep away while they go through this trauma.

The doctors want to do some more surgery on me and hubby and I have had a big argument about it. While it might improve my quality of life, I just don't feel I can cope with more surgery. It's all very well for hubby, he has never had surgery. Me? I've had over 20. I'm tired. Surgery really takes it out of you. Recovery time sends me troppo.

Through out my life my mental health has always been a concern for me. To keep myself well mentally has been a continual journey. I'm never quite sure if I am really mad and people just don't know it, or if I am sane but just feel mad.

What else is lurking that I don't know? How do I protect myself? I saw a Danish study that indicated that adoptees die earlier than non-adoptees and I can understand why, and that's even without the stress and anxiety that adoptees live with every day through being adopted.


Medical history can't be written and handed over, it has to be absorbed. People often don't realise the relevance until the information is needed.

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