Where do I belong? part 1

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I was born in Fremantle West Australia in October 1938. When I was about 6 weeks old I was adopted by Wally and Ngaire and went to live with them in Darlington a small hills town about 18 miles east of Perth. I knew right from the start that I was adopted. My maternal grandparents also lived in Darlington and I would see them every day or so. When I was 9 my Mother had major lung surgery and I lived with my grandparents for most of the year while she was in hospital and recovering in a local convalescent home.

My Dad came from a family of 12 children, most had married and there were lots of cousins. Some still lived in Moora, a country town, and the remainder lived in and around Perth. I probably only saw any of my Father’s family once or twice a year, apart from Aunty Rae, and her son Michael, who we saw frequently. My mother Ngaire had an older brother Alan and a younger sister Phyllis. Uncle Alan and Aunty Hilda lived in South Perth with their three children Rayma, Marilyn and Ian, and Aunty Phil, Uncle Alec and their daughter Glenys lived in Floreat Park, a Perth suburb. We saw these family members fairly frequently.


I was born in Fremantle West Australia in October 1938.