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    Queensland, St Mary's Toowong

    I slept with the father of my son who I'd known for 2 years, only twice, that's all, and I've been slut shamed, bullied, punished, persecuted, vilified and ostracised for the past 53 years.
    I've been called every derogatory, prejudicial name you can think of by people who don't even know me or have never met me.

    I was made a Ward of the State and put into a Church run Home. I was afraid in that home, we all were. What did people expect. I wore borrowed clothes that didn't fit me, I didn't have any money, I didn't know where I was, as I'd moved interstate. I didn't know which buses to catch to get home, and the police would probably have arrested me and taken me back anyway, just like they did to to child sex abuse victims who ran away from Church run Homes and institutions. The police in Queensland were corrupt in that era.

    The punishment is way out of proportion to the crime committed, for a crime it was, in Qld because we were given police records

    The theft of a newborn baby in the labor ward is the ultimate rape of a woman and Australian hospitals stole 50,000 newborn babies off their mothers during the bumper adoption era between early 1967-1972, a horrendous tally

    This took place only 50 years ago, not 100. It's recent history which is still being played out to this day, as mothers are deprived of meeting their own children and grandchildren. The repercussions are also still being felt today. This abuse is intergenerational and mothers are now dying off without having ever met their stolen children and nobody seems to care.

    This hatred of women was driven mostly by other women, not just men. Women ran the Homes, they were nurses in the labor wards, doctors, politicians, social wokers and nuns. None of them helped us or spoke out, they silenced us for decades by slut shaming us, and in Queensalnd it was mostly women who were responsible for implementing the destructive, sould destroying Lifetime Veto when the adoption records first opened in 1991.That's almost 30 years ago.

    Shame on them all for their narrow minded hatred and bigotry