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    In the Crown St Hospital this would be followed by the use of barbiturate sedatives as well as synthetic oestrogen injections to dry up milk. The hypnotic barbiturates used were pentobarbital (Nembutal orally), or pentobarbital sodium by injection, as well as their close relations Amytal and Sodium Amytal. Benzodiazepines and Chloral Hydrate were also used as adjuncts. Their aim would also be used (they said) to prevent her grief, but at Crown St it served the purpose of continuing until the fifth day when the mother would be able to request adoption. This was the form she had to sign.
    But trauma and grief are aggravated by confusion and the inability to know what was going on, and later, served to build the anger at what was done while she was overwhelmed.

    From past experience I am strongly aware that the style I am using might seem excessive and distressing of the reader; however when mother’s read my writings they say how much worse this time was for them, adding details and reasons, and then say that I have left out some of the most aggravating details that commonly occurred.. Accordingly I am trying to balance.


    Dr Geoff Rickarby Consultant Psychiatrist
    November 2014