Support and lobby group for Adoptees in particular abused adoptees

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Through all the work that Chris from the Apology Alliance had achieved, in which we were a part of, the door was now open to approach hospitals that played a role in stealing children at birth from their mothers. Trish from the group ALAS had already had successful meetings with The Royal Women’s and children’s Hospital Brisbane and an apology to mothers was forth coming.

Trish invited us to speak to Professor Ian Jones at the Hospital as he was head of all things “baby”. Therese, Victoria and myself shared with the Professor our traumatic lives as an adoptee. We shared a great deal with him, including the abuses we endured in the homes where we were sent. The Professor was so moved by our accounts that he did not hesitate in offering us a formal apology from the hospital. This apology was the very first ever offered to adoptees in Australia and perhaps the world. It is very sad to realise that we were not supported to make this public. One of the news stations picked it up but it never went to air. We only ever managed to get it published in the local paper. Even today people confuse it with the mothers apology to ALAS. In fact the apology from the hospital is the only one that that says “sorry’ to those adoptees who were abused within the homes where they were sent.


The strength and of a country and the character of its people should be judged on the way it treats its poor and most vulnerable.