Support and lobby group for Adoptees in particular abused adoptees

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WASH (White Australian Stolen Heritage), lobbied extremely hard and wrote many letters to Members of parliament requesting an inquiry and apology. Finally it was announced that an inquiry would take place. WASH gave evidence at the Brisbane hearing. It was very difficult trying to make adoptees evidence paramount as even the terms of reference for the inquiry denied many adoptees the opportunity to make a submission.

The wording “Former Forced Adoptions” caused a great deal of confusion, as most adoptees would not know if their mothers were forced. Many adoptees had either not had contact with their mothers to know or her willingness to share her experience was withheld from them. If you did not belong to a group such as ours or in contact with others involved, then you were less likely to know that you could get involved. It was even startling to realise that many mothers felt that adoptees did not have a place in the inquiry. Even the senators leading the inquiry did not think it was going to be about us, the adoptee. WASH did not hold back on sharing startling evidence of the pain, grief, trauma and loss of the adoptee and stamped a solid place along side the mothers.


They were giving evidence of children stolen, but they failed to recognise the importance of the voice’s of those very children who were taken.