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    On August 29, 1989 I received a letter from N.S.W. saying my daughter was on their contact register and her name was Deanne. The ecstatic emotions and relief were indescribable. To know she was alive!! And to know her name!! I wrote her an 8 page letter immediately and sent photos to the Department to pass on to her. They rang her at work and asked her to come into the office as they had some information for her. She was also ecstatic.

    For the first few months I wrote 10 page letters every day and she replied. In this way we really got to know each other. I couldn’t wait to meet her but there was a pilot’s strike on in Australia at the time and there were no flights. I booked to go to Sydney in November hoping I could and took Michelle with me. When we arrived we had to wait until the pram came off the luggage ramp to put Michelle in before we could give each other the biggest hug ever. A waiting passenger asked “Can I have one too?”

    I was in Sydney for 2 weeks and Deanne was at work during the day so I only got to see her at night. Each day I’d catch the train to visit friends or relatives and I would spend the whold trip crying. Reunion is like a roller coaster.

    Glad- like I had never been before I found her.
    Sad- with a physical hurt in my heart for all the lost years.
    Mad- at the system and people who separated babies and mothers.

    Deanne flew back to Perth with me and spent a week meeting my kids and family. I also took her on a quick tour of the South West to Albany and Wave Rock. Then she went to spend a week with Phil her natural father who had paid for her flight over. To say goodbye to her at the airport was heartbreaking.


    Everyone was happy for us but I was amazed to find out that many thought that it would be, - that 3 weeks would make up for 22 years of heartache and loss and now we should go back to how we were before, like nothing happened.

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