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    For my husband David and his beautiful mum Margaret. In December 1966 a baby boy was born. Just like thousands of other babies born the same day all over the world, the child has an unbreakable bond with his mother. But, because of society and circumstance, that baby boy and his mother are torn apart, their bond of love is broken and becomes a primal wound. For 45 years, this boy has loved and longed for his mother. His mother has never stopped loving her son, only buried her love under deep layers of shame and secrecy. Finally, they are reunited.... the mother and son can repair their wound - a wound that those who have never had their child ripped from their body and taken away could never hope to feel or comprehend. Their love is as strong as that day 45 years ago - it is their right to feel it and their right to heal. This mother endured what is unthinkable for others, she continued to raise a family and love each of her children equally, each day suffering the pain of her loss alone. But she was never alone.... Thousands of young women still bear her grief, so many never having the opportunity that she now has to have a relationship with her child. She can be accepted by all society now and proud to show the world her first-born child. An end to the shame. But this is only the beginning. There is a new story now...... for the sisters.


    I've been so fortunate to have experienced this incredible journey

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