Resolution to 'infertility' was resolved by 1972, experimenting on the prepubertal and infertile. ‘Adoption' numbers plummeted.

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    In 1964, to resolve infertility for the infertile couple, experiments in FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) had commenced (The Allars Inquiry - 1994. The Australian Human Pituitary Hormone Program). The new paradigm of 'adoption' for the infertile couple, was to become the biological resolution of IVF. By 1964, the Commonwealth through institutions such as the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council), the Howard Florey et. al. experimented on women for 'egg hyperstimulation'. IVF success targeted the infertile women, and by 1972, medical practitioners started their experiments on males, in Melbourne, in 1972. It was expanded to include the LHRH (LH-Releasing Hormone) agonists, the castration of prepubertal boys in the quest to elevate the FSH levels to create the 'fertile male' and for the prepubertal, the Male Euchuch, left with conditions known as 'hypogonadrophic Hypogonadism'. The hormone program, to resolve 'infertility', known as the 'Australian Human Pituitary Hormone Program' (AHPHP) was nationwide and was a disaster at best. Batches of hormone to hyperstimulate were contaminated, others treated with 'leftover' product, others 'unapproved' and caused disastrous results for those treated prepubertally with the LHRH agonist. (elevated FSH) 2,800 Australians either deceased and/or permanently damaged. Other young males didn’t survive those experiments during the era 1972-1976, and many never went onto have families of their own due to the torture and 'deep sleep therapy' they endured.


    By 1972, the 'hormone experiments' had resolved infertility, 'adoption' numbers were to plummet. By 1985, the 'fertilty program' worldwide, except France, ceased due to deaths. Vulnerable people were treated as 'human guinea pigs' causing irreparable damages. By 1976, the first success octuplets occured.