Removal Policy at Royal Women's Hospital Carlton, Victoria

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    At 34 weeks gestation, my mother attended the Royal Women’s Hospital in Carlton where her file was marked 'A'. She was referred to the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau (CFWB) in East Melbourne opposite St Pats Cathedral to attend the Catholic social worker for the primary objective to 'obtain the signature'. She didn't supply her signature, the handwriting on what was a blank form was someone else's who was known to her. At 32 weeks gestation, the fate of both mother and the child in utero was decided. The RWH in 1960, wrote and circulated their 'removal policy' for those whose files were marked 'A' The policy was executed upon my mother and I in 1961 during labour and delivery by the same medical practitioner who wrote the policy. During the delivery, both my mother and I (in utero) were exposed to the intravenous use of Ergometrine (LSD). Her milk had been poisoned and I had endured kidney damage never to repair itself. I wasn't to 'go out to the mother', due to the poisoning in which would have placed me at risk of gangrene or death, and with that, the consent was filled out with the details and we were to be separated for the following 28 years with the social worker from the CFWB walking into the hospital and taking me out of there after the drugs had left the endocrine system of both mother and the child. What happened next, was one of the greatest human tragedies this country ever witnessed in human experimentation to replace 'adoption' of ex nuptials with the biological success of IVF.


    The Removal Policy and damage of exposure to endocrine disruptors led a slippery path to human experiments manifesting in damage & death.