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My daughter was born in October 1983 in St. Austell, Cornwall.

As soon as it was discovered that I was pregnant the Catholic Children’s Society (CCS) in Plymouth, England visited me, possibly to prevent Termination Of Pregnancy (TOP), and they visited me frequently thereafter. Reams of notes were taken and they failed to advise me of any other options other than adoption, yet they document my fears and opposition!

I was married before the adoption occurred & my husband was excluded in every way, CCS documents acknowledge our wedding date. My daughter was baptised without my knowledge or consent & given a name change, prior to my signing consent for the adoption process to commence. Not surprisingly CCS attended this illegal baptism! The Guardian ad Litum documented my ‘inadequate counselling, unhappy emotional feelings, confusion, and poor understanding,’ also my opposition.

My daughter was fully breastfeeding when she was removed at 16 days old. CCS removed my daughter’s full birth certificate from me. I wasn’t given full information of my daughter’s health during interim placement with adopters.

Consent taking, took hours of duress to secure a signature.
They failed to notify me correctly of the adoption order. Four years later the adopters sent me a letter, CCS made no attempt to get this to me. demonstrating incredulously poor understanding of my feelings & the situation.

I commenced the complaints process in 2005, it was bizarrely protracted, further abusing us, blatantly breeching confidentiality, upholding many complaints, achieving nothing, leaving us further traumatized.

I moved to Australia where I joined an advocacy group and the fight against illegal adoptions. In 1983 there was sufficient research based evidence regarding the trauma of adoption to all parties.

*International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners


I was healthy, educated, working & wanted the best for my daughter.

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