Re union Retraumatises Mothers, Fathers and Extended Family

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We were put into Church run Homes for Unmarried Mothers/ Delinquent Girls, our babies were stolen off us or forcibly removed upon birth, and most of the time we never even saw our own babies. People playing God in the Departments of Family Services Australia wide, who were mostly untrained, then 'gave away' our babies to strangers. We were lying exhausted, helpless, bleeding , often drugged and with our legs still in stirrups as they stole our babies from us and yet we're supposed to apologise to our children for 'giving them away'

'What kind of mother could give away her own baby' they say.

We're treated with contempt. Cards, letters and expensive presents we sent via adoptive parents disappear.

Flowers we send to them are never acknowledged and offers to meet for a coffee are ever so politely declined.

We're called 'incubators' behind our backs.

One mother was asked 'how much do you want', some have been told by adoptive mothers ' I never thought of you once'.

Many mothers and adoptees have found fake vetos that were forged by adoptive parents.

Many mothers have died not even meeting the child they lost and sometimes he/she was their only child.

Many adoptive parents wouldn't send on baby photos to mothers, even though they know the mother never saw her baby or never had any other children.

Mothers have been treated like a spare parts factory. What if I need a kidney or a bone marrow transplant they say. Or we're told that it was good to find us to find out if 'you've got any hereditary diseases"

It's all highly insulting, offensive and abusive. Many mothers and adoptees have committed suicide and not many people are acknowledging that.


Adoption always was a one sided affair, and it still is. I have seriously considered committing suicide but didn't, so I'm here to tell my story and to set the record straight.