The Question part 2

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    On the steps we met an invited group who asked us to join them and the other 300 guests gathered in Parliament House where Premier, Ted Baillieu, addressed a Joint Sitting and apologised for forced adoptions on behalf of the State of Victoria.
    After this event my identity search began in earnest and I have recovered mounds of information. Through my Facebook listing I met several people who have been of great assistance. One in particular is a fellow adoptee born at Avonhurst Private Hospital in the 50s with similar experiences and a hunger for the truth. She and I shared information for a year until we came to the same conclusion. For us, all roads point to the American doctor and his Middle Park consultancy as a major culprit in the 1950’s adoption racket. But he cleverly concealed or had destroyed all records, including those held at Avonhurst Private Hospital, most probably building on his empire with cash transactions.

    However, with enough information to satisfy my curiosity, pursuing the dead has its limits - but it does sound warnings for future generations. The links between the social, political, legal and criminal worlds need constant review.


    Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow . The important thing is not to stop questioning.
    Albert Einstein (1897 – 1955)