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    I wanted to put into posterity the prejudicial, discriminatory language used against mothers, to disentitle us and make us feel ashamed and inferior. We've had to live with this all of our lives and it has not only been soul destroying, but is has been very detrimental to our wellbeing, our egos, our self esteem and it has crippled most of us and our subsequent relationships, especially with partners and subsequent children. It has hobbled us and it has never been acknowledged by the adoption industry or the rest of society. It was also bullying tactics used to silence us after the event, whilst we were still grieving for our stolen babies, and caused many mothers to live in shame for their entire lives. Some are still not able to talk about their experiences.

    ‘They didn't want their babies anyway They should have kept their legs closed They slept around and deserved what they got Anyone (sometimes any ‘dog’) can give birth but not everyone can be a mother They didn't know the father anyway They tried to trick the father into marrying them by saying it was his They were the town bike They were bags of trash that didn't deserve their babies anyway They gave their babies away It was God's punishment for being promiscuous Bad girls have sex, good girls don't Who could give away their own baby (making us sound like freaks of nature) They were too young’

    No- we had milk in our breasts and our grandmothers had babies at the same age, as do the young women today.


    I was put into St Mary's Toowong and was forced to relinquish my newborn son who was born on 31st October 1967.