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Who or what is Origins?
Origins Inc. Was founded in 1995 by a small group of mothers who, having lost their children to adoption, were being continuously re-traumatised each time so-called experts and health professional minimised and invalidated the severe emotional anguish, trauma, and grief left in the wake of their adoption experience, assuming that we, as mothers, should have accepted the loss of our living babies - as if it were possible to do that.
Along with the perpetual violation we felt in having so-called adoption professionals and others justifying and exonerating themsleves of their own complicity in this scandalous practice, that had preyed upon our vunerable state when we were too young, and too oppressed to know how to fight this wicked system, by hearing adoption of newborns now being referred to as a social phenomenon of a social era that is passed - rather than the illicit raping of babies from their mothers that it was - we decided enough was enough.
With everyone adroitly avoiding the truth, at our expense, we realised that by remaining silent we had inadvertantly become the "keepers of the lie" and we knew that until mothers began speaking out publically about our abusive and inhuman treatment - the myths, lies and deceit upon which adoption has thrived, would continue to harm the emotional well-being of our children, and we as their mothers would be colluding in our own abuse.
Having researched, we discovered that losing our babies had been entirely avoidable had our legal rights not been contravened. So we made the illicit adoption practices the focal point of our organisation. The law was the only weapon we had to force people to bother to listen to us, and not continue to minimise and dismiss our plight. It was really our cry for acknowledgement of the trauma we were experiencing as a result of these practices.
We have uncovered much more than we originally intended to. Find more on our website


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