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After a media campaign by Origins, the notion of including mothers of adoption theft in the apology was dropped by the government.
November 16th; was The Forgotten Australians Apology where on the day Origins met in Parliament house Canberra with Tony Abbott to ask the Liberal party to support a national enquiry. He agrees to do so.
Late 2009; The Federal Government initiates the Institute of Family Studies to report on "Past Forced Adoption" with Origins Inc to provide the Institute with our many years of research to the report. Discussions in Canberra with Federal politicians and Senators for a Senate Inquiry
2010 June; Origins initial response to the Australian Institute of Family Studies "Impact of Past Adoption” report . Origins rejects this report .
Lily Arthur appeared for a 20 minute appearance on the Kerri Ann Kennelly Morning show asking for a national inquiry
2010 June; Senator Rachael Siewert of the Greens Party puts forward a motion in the Senate for an apology that recognises the grief, pain and anguish suffered by thousands of mothers who were victims of forced adoption .
The Senate votes it down.
October 19; West Australian Apology where unlawful adoption practises were acknowledged, only due to the lobbying and media campaign of the Origins committee subsequently inducing Senator Rachael Siewet to call for a national inquiry.
Monday, 15 November 2010; Senator Siewert called a motion for a Senate Inquiry which and it passes, thus leading to an inquiry held for eighteen months that hears evidence overwhelmingly from members of Origins, who preceded their submission with a preamble placing onus on the Commonwealth for the responsibility of forced adoption practices and policies.


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