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How the Senate Inquiry Evolved

Origins acknowledges all those that have taken part in the long struggle for justice for forced, illegal and harmful adoption.
Origins also acknowledges that not any one person is solely responsible for the justice that saw the Senate Inquiry and the National Forced Adoption Apology.

The Long Campaign
Following the New South Wales Inquiry report “Releasing the Past”(2000) and its subsequent whitewashing it was evident that Origins needed to pursue a national inquiry. The New South Wales inquiry had taken its toll on the committee of Origins. Origins was left with very few members of its executive and it was up to them after the NSW inquiry to continue to try and get justice for those affected by forced adoption.
The very few recommendations that came from the inquiry were sabotaged or diminished by those in government and those with self-interest to ensure that illegal and harmful adoption practices would never be acknowledged.
To follow on from the 2 ½ year Parliamentary enquiry Origins needed to either expand or dissolve, and due to the movement that was created by Origins and the extensive research into the legal and mental health issues by Dian Wellfare and Wendy Jacobs it was decided that we would mount a campaign and educate the wider community not only on the illegal practices but also the mental health damage caused to mothers and their taken children
It was decided that Origins would host a world first mental health conference on the effects of adoption separation, the Stolen Generations and the Forgotten Australians.
It was during this time in the lead up to the first national mental health conference that Origins was in discussion with Senator Andrew Murray who at the time was involved with the Child Migrants Inquiry. The landmark conference was held at Liverpool Hospital in 2002 and co presented with CLAN.
Senator Murray was keen to work with Origins and to call for a Senate Inquiry into illegal adoption.


NSW Coordinator Origins SPSA Inc