One wonderful nurse June 1968

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I dont remember the birth or immediately after my baby boy was born at Crown Street Womens Hospital. Later a wonderful nurse brought my baby for me to see. I felt guilty because I had been told I could not see my baby.

I have carried the memory of my baby since that day on 5 or 6 June 1968. I was happy to know my baby was beautiful and healthy.

Thank you to that kind nurse, I really appreciate what you did. I would love to hear from you if you read this. Maybe there were other kind nurses but I havent heard anyone else who was shown their baby.

I requested my babys birth certificate in 2013 and we have met on two occasions. We get on well and communicate regularly.

Thank you to a wonderful nurse.


Thank you to a wonderful nurse. I had the memory of seeing my baby to sustain me over 45 years of not knowing where he was.