No one wanted you then and no one wants you now.

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I have always known I was adopted and was always curious about my biological parents. My adoptive parents were nice and I had a relatively normal upbringing I suppose. It's hard for people who are not adopted to understand but there always seems to be something missing so when the adoption information laws changed I applied for identifying information, did all the usual searches and found my mother. My father was not named in any of the information. I travelled to the town where she lived and although she wouldn't meet with me I managed to see her. Because she had young children I chose not to push the matter. In about 2005 I contacted my siblings and a meeting was arranged between myself and my mother. I went into the meeting with an open mind, not confident that there would be any kind of relationship but hoping to find out who my father is. She told me that no one wanted me then and no one wanted me now. She told me that the only reason she was meeting with me was to shut her family up. I asked about my father and she simply told me he was dead. And that was my meeting with my mother. She also made sure none of her children spoke to me from that point on. I have my own family now so my life is complete apart from knowing who my father is. I don't believe my mother, I am sure she told me he was dead so I would stop looking. I have one photo of my father and hopefully by uploading it to this site someone might recognise him and contact me.


I don't really have a personal statement. I hope this experience helps me find my father.