My work as a post-adoption counsellor

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I am a social worker and was employed as a post-adoption counsellor for five years. I worked as the Counsellor/Co-ordinator for ARMS (the Association Representing Mothers Separated from their children by adoption) in South Australia from 1999 to 2003 and I was self-employed in the year 2004 as a private counsellor. In that time period, most of my work was with mothers who had been separated from their children by adoption, but I also worked with adults who had been adopted as children and other family members. Most of my clients were resident in South Australia, but I also worked by telephone with clients in other parts of Australia and in other countries. Much of my work involved post-adoption grief counselling. Some of my clients requested counselling in order to improve their general well-being, while others sought my help to prepare for reunion or to assist with issues that had arisen after reunion had occurred. Informed professional post-adoption counselling can assist clients to understand their experiences and to find a place for them in their lives. It can also improve their general sense of well-being and increase their self-esteem. I found my work as a post-adoption counsellor extremely satisfying and I am very glad to have had this opportunity to have made this important contribution to many people’s lives.


Post-adoption counselling can be enormously helpful.