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    In June 1968 I discovered I was pregnant to my boyfriend Jim. I was working and when the Matron realised it she sacked me and I became homeless and jobless. I was 19 years old. On advice I went to see the Royal Women’s Hospital (RWH). A nightmare began that has haunted my life to this very day. I saw a social worker who began the process of informing me that adoption was the best option for an illegitimate child, and she bullied me to accept her views. I took a job as live in help at two different private homes the social worker arranged for me. At the last one, I was spinning into deep depression and going mad. I could no longer continue working for these arrogant people and the social worker at RWH instructed me to go to the single mothers home. As I had no agency as to my rights and options, I followed her instructions thinking she was helping me, but each time I went to RWH for medical check-ups I was seen by this social worker and put under pressure to accept adoption as the best option. In my heart I thought I would accept her point of view and see what happens later, with no decision being made I was well overdue to give birth, I did not want to give up my baby, and my body held onto him. The RWH had a policy of holding back on caesareans with single mothers, so my pregnancy was weeks over due when I went into labor, I had a show, I was rushed to RWH but still the birth did not proceed. For days I waited in Hospital and saw other mothers with their babies, and I became excited about my motherhood.


    However, when I was rushed off to have a caesarean my life was turned upside down. I woke up to a living hell. Crying to see my son. Denied!

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