A Licence to Lie

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    My abuse started with the lie that my mother didn’t want me. My adoptive mother abused me physically, but the mental abuse was the worst. Her lies came from a seed planted by those pushing forced adoption, which hurt me the most. My adoptive mother told me repeatedly from three years of age ‘If you do not behave if you don’t do as you are told, you will be sent away to where unwanted children go. You will be stripped naked, chained to a bed, fed bread and water, have rats crawl all over you, and be beaten every day.’

    I still have flashbacks, but most of what has happened to me is buried. My years of physical pain resulted in medical specialist appointments, x-rays displaying the compound fracture of my spine that have not been explained. Doctors tell me it happened when I was very young, that I suffered a severe and violent injury. I cannot remember something that would cause that much damage.

    Years of physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of my so called approved adoptive parents has nearly cost me my life. I have fought hard to overcome huge obstacles to have a life meaning, value and worth. My adoption gained nothing but heartache for everyone. It stole my childhood, my health, my family and it is something that should never happen again. Forced adoption created a licence to lie to steal abuse and rob children of their rights to be raised by their family of origin if we tear down the family unit, if we destroy the value of it and we fail as a human race.

    Help and assistance by trauma specialists that understand childhood separation, torture, abuse, and forced adoption issues are essential to healing. The truth about forced adoption and its consequences must be discussed so that we do not repeat our mistakes. Better screening and monitoring is needed for prospective foster carers, adoptive parents, and other adults around vulnerable children.


    My abuse started with the lie that my mother didn’t want me