leading up to the birth

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My niece asks why? It's hard to imagine present day child loving Glennys giving up her child. Imagine having a sick mother who would love to help but can't. My father who I adored died when I was eight. All of my nine brothers and sisters had their own lives and couldn't help. After the birth where would I live if I didn't work. How would I work and look after my child. My skills were limited and without financial help which I had not been informed was available I wouldn't earn enough. In my own family I had whitnessed broken homes and children suffering. I wanted a happy stable life for my child which I didn't think I could provide. I was told lovely stable couples who couldn't have a child would love and bring her up with everything I couldn't. To my niece and relinqueshed daughter my letting go was the ultimate act of love, I hope you agree.


Relinqueshing a child was an act of love