Lack of Support

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Many mothers and adoptees have committed suicide over the past few decades. When the records opened I had 4 children, aged 2,4,8 and 10. I was so traumatised that I could have easily committed suicide. I had it all planned but I knew that my children would come home from school and find my dead body and I couldn't leave them with a legacy like I'd been left with. I had to hang in there for their sake but I was hanging by a thread. My trauma, however, has taken a terrible toll in my children's lives, they had to grow up with a severely depressed and suicidal mother. They missed out on the childhood they were entitled to and at times had to carry me, because I was unable to get any help from a government and an Anglican Church that were both trying to cover up their crimes against us. Where was their duty of care to my children, who all now have anxiety disorders. In the early 90s I luckily found Origins SPSA a fledgling support group for people separated by adoption, and I credit the founder Dian Wellfare with saving my life. I can proudly say that I have been a member for about 22 years. Origins was an NGO, entirely self funded and run by volunteers, mostly a handful of dedicated mothers who had been drugged, tricked, lied to and bullied into relinquishing their babies. They took it upon themselves to educate the health professionals, the social workers, the psychologists etc by running conferences once again at their own expense. It has taken 2 decades for our voices to be heard.


I was put into St Mary's Home Toowong and was forced to relinquish my baby son who was born in October 1967. I never saw him.