Lack of Support

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Psychologists were treating us like mothers who willingly 'gave away' our babies because of their own prejudice against us and that prejudice was hard to change. I went to see a GP who was very dismissive of me, she said, 'he's not your son, he's the adoptive parents’ son' and told me I should 'get over it' and promptly wrote me out a script for anti depressants that made me worse.... I rang Lifeline and was told to 'take up a hobby"....I went to see a psychiatrist who I suspect was adopted, as she seemed to be threatened and affronted by what I was telling her, scoffed at me at times and said to me on my second visit that I was dressing better now and was obviously better so I didn't need to come back.... This was a breach of her duty of care to me......I went to see another psychologist who told me quite angrily 'you should be over this by now, I'll walk you through the 5 stages of grief so you can move on"....All of these so called health professionals failed in their duty of care towards me...... I rang the Department of Family Services to talk to the only counsellor who was employed there, an older woman who had been there for decades, who had been involved in the bumper adoption era, and obviously held deeply entrenched anti mother views. It was just near mothers’ day and I was distressed and suicidal which I told her. I talked to her for quite some time and at the end of the conversation she said to me ' but we matched them up well didn't we'.


I was put into St Mary's Home Toowong and was forced to relinquish my baby son who was born in October 1967