Just meant to be - part 5

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Our two daughters born subsequently knew of the birth in 1963 but not about my search. A family dinner was arranged at which I announced that contact had been established and a letter from our stolen daughter including photographs was in the mail. It was a very emotional night, lots of soul baring, old wounds re-opened, tears upon looking back yet joy with the anticipation of what was possibly about to happen. The night ended with some people uneasy and perhaps disturbed. One in particular took some days to come to terms with our actions in 1963 and Sarah was struggling with the thought of confronting again the demons cast out of her mind so long ago.

During the next two days my excitement was hard to control. When the letter arrived I was afraid to open it. Sarah was not at home so I continued working with this letter and photographs burning through my pocket unopened, I really wanted her to share the opening with me. The reply was very positive and Judy expressed a desire to know more. She was alive and well, happily married with three adult children. Although she included her address and expressed her intention to remove the Contact Veto, I could not make direct contact until after the formal removal. So once again I wrote via FIS and included some photos. Judy replied quickly and included her ’phone number, meanwhile the Veto was removed and there was no longer any legal impediment to making direct contact. Sarah was the first to call after waiting about 30 minutes. I was still working up to it but she apparently had no qualms at all. The very first voice contact, imagine me being able to tell the others ‘Sarah has spoken to her and she sounds lovely.’


Our two daughters born subsequently knew of the birth in 1963 but not about my search.