It’s only Natural

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    After World War Two the American psychologists are having a field day with the booming baby business. In 1945 Viola Bernard authored ‘First Sight of the Child by Prospective Parents as a Crucial Phase in Adoption.’

    The eye contact between the newborn and the parent became an obsession with nurses hanging sheets and shifting pillows so unwed mothers can’t view the newborn. Hands are manacled to beds so the wilful mother won’t wander to the nursery late at night, knowing it may be the only time she would ever see her child.

    It was being made clear to the new mother that, being considered as unfit because of her loose morals, she had no rights and the infant would be legally kidnapped. So much for free and informed consents and time for re-consideration.

    As if not seeing a child eradicates the memory of carrying a baby to term. A Melbourne psychologist, in 2011, said something on this that all mothers intuitively understand, ‘There is pre-natal bonding between a woman and a foetus and the body remembers, in a sense, the presence of the child.’

    A viewing isn’t necessary for the child to be remembered. The body will not forget. It’s only Natural. Mother love. In 1955, three Supreme Court judges agreed during the Mace-Murray adoption contest but were overruled on appeal to a higher Court.


    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
    John Lennon (1940 – 1980)