I am not sure who this little girl is (Part 2 )

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I was 27 years old before I started to remember much of my childhood at all. I had just started work with street kids. I was married with 2 children of my own by then and that's when my relationship with my mother, adopted family and marriage exploded and crashed. It was my experiences with these children and the contact with my real mother that unlocked a deluge of heart breaking and devastating memories and flashbacks for me, that would forever change me and alter the course of the rest of my life.

I have come to realise that most of my life has been a complete lie. The reasons I could not recall simple things as a child is due to the trauma of the separationat birth and the subsequent ongoing abuse, torture and child slave labour I was forced to endure at the hands of my adopters. I finally had some answers as to why I had to have the window open every night as I slept, hail, rain or shine...I lived in the fear of my adoptive father returning to suffocating me as I slept.

That was my first memory and one that will stay with me forever. I was set alight at the age of about 8, just for a laugh. I was kicked and thrown around by my hair, slapped and beaten for little of no reason. Made to sleep in the bush with no food, or blanket, if I did not work, and locked out of the house.

I worked in charcoal pits from the age of 5, this was back in 1967 not 1867. The days were long, hot and brutal at times and my childhood was stolen because some social worker at the time deemed my mother too poor to raise me, I was at risk so to speak... funny that? Twenty more years down the track I am now fifty.


What's changed, what's better? A Senate Inquiry, State Apologies and a Federal Apology due March 2013.I helped lobby for all the above but can you find anywhere were they have apologised for the abuse I suffered in the home where they sent me?