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At St Mary's there was a Chapel attached to the main building which was an old fashioned Queenslander. We only had one visit from a Minister from the Anglican Church in the 5-6 months that I was at St Mary's.
We were all made to line up outside the Chapel and one by one we were told to go into the Chapel.
The girls were all coming out screaming and crying.
I was last in the queue. When I went in, Matron and the Minister were sitting inside and ushered me to a pew near them. The Minister started to quiz me about my sex life, as he had done with the other girls. I'll never forget the look on his or matron's faces. They were prying into our sex lives with a mixture of glee and excitement at what they were about to hear. It was quite disgusting if not a little sick.
Matron signalled him to go easy on me as she knew I was quite innocent and fairly naive, so he just blessed me.


The Church was more interested in prying into our sex lives than actually helping us.