Has anyone acknowledged the deaths of mothers and babies in the ‘forced adoptions’ process?

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My own mother was in labour at ‘The Haven’ in 1952 for over two days and a doctor was not called to help. The actual person in charge at the time, told my mum that she was suffering to atone for her sins (being a single mother). No compassion or duty of care was shown at the time. ‘Matrons’ were usually women who hadn’t married or had children of their own- they were full of unyielding judgement!!!!

Mum named her baby ‘Helen’. She had promised another ‘Haven’ young mum she would do so as the other girl’s baby had died in childbirth. The girl’s baby’s name had been named ‘Helen’.

How many young girls laboured and laboured, not being given correct medical support when it was actually available? To die from childbirth without medical assistance would cause unimaginable pain and suffering.


How many graves are there around the world of ‘uncared for’ young mums and their babies?